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Score and Orchestral | Royalty Free Action and Adventure Music

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  • Black Spear


    Military-esque influenced action theme with haunting vocals and dramatic cinematic score.

  • The Fist Of Retribution


    Epic, stand off style track, male choir vocals. Grand and regal. Royalty, honour and retribution. Builds throughout.

  • Shipwreck


    Epic, grandiose orchestral soundtrack theme with a nautical flavour. Bold, powerful and dramatic.

  • Forged In Fire


    Urgent, dramatic and glorifying orchestral track with a sense of action and adventure. Epic percussion and choir.

  • Menace


    Dark, industrial track with a foreboding, creepy sound that builds with orchestral horns leading into a steady rhythm…

  • Orchestral Action


    Tense and dramatic orchestral soundtrack theme. Exciting, dangerous and gripping.

  • Blood Red Sunrise


    Cinematic and dramatic track with swelling strings and slow build of violins, cello and bass leading into an epic,…

  • Rage Of The Beast


    Grand and epic string led action theme. Big and bold, grand landscapes, smashing drums and cymbals.

  • Medievil City


    Period-themed grand orchestral track with soaring strings and brass section. Stately, proud and stirring.

  • Leave Only Footprints


    Inspiring, uplifting and cinematic track with an uplifting, aspirational and corporate sound. Reliable, trustworthy and…

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