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Score and Orchestral | Royalty Free Action and Adventure Music

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  • Dark Valley


    Dark, dramatic and tense orchestral soundtrack theme with a sense of impending conflict. Moody and forboding.

  • Chaos


    Dramatic chasing track, urgency and danger, epic and powerful building to a climax.

  • Boneriders


    Stirring, dramatic contemporary orchestral theme with pounding drums and rousing choir. Exciting, thrilling and epic.

  • Take Action


    Dramatic, exciting orchestral soundtrack battle theme. Grand, energetic and vigorous.

  • Iron Lore


    Powerful, gritty, building urgency and danger action theme. Doesn't slow down, gets faster and faster leading to a…

  • Dead End Chase


    Action-packed chase theme with moody bass, blistering beats and fizzing atmospheric pads. Tense, nail-biting and…

  • Daemon Portal


    Fast and sporty Action packed Rock track. Positive and motivating.

  • Island Fever


    Dramatic, hard-hitting orchestral theme with pounding drums and shrieking strings. Bold, imposing and hair-raising.

  • Fade To Black


    Thrilling, dramatic contemporary orchestral theme with crashing drums and tense, frantic choir. Epic, stirring and…

  • Morpheus Calls


    Epic female vocal accompanied 'battle scene' style action theme. Powerful, pounding and grand.

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