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Acoustic and Easy Going | Happy Royalty Free Acoustic Music

Royalty free acoustic music with a happy and positive feel featuring a collection of upbeat, easy going and uplifting royalty free acoustic music. We also have royalty free country music, folk music, easy going and prohibition era music.

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  • Winding Road


    Friendly, feel good and easy going track with a positive and upbeat sound.

  • Before Sunrise


    Laid back, happy and feel good guitar track with a carefree, easy going sound.

  • Setting The Mood


    Contented, warm and relaxing acoustic guitar theme.

  • The Elevator Under The Sea


    Jolly and quirky laid back ukulele lead tune with a positive and bright feel. Sparkly, happy and upbeat.

  • Happiness


    Happy, upbeat, welcoming acoustic guitar theme with friendly, approachable sound.

  • Graceful Moments


    Slow, thoughtful and optimistic acoustic track with an encouraging, happy feel.

  • Grand Design


    Chirpy, jolly guitars accompany hand claps and xylophone to make this track friendly and feel good. Happy, carefree and…

  • Country Road Chase


    Upbeat, positive and happy Country themed acoustic track with a fun vibe.

  • Smile


    Happy and feel good acoustic folk track with a positive, homely and carefree theme.

  • Granite


    Laid back and relaxed Acoustic track with a positive, bright and cautious feel.

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