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The Project Manager - Save, Share, Collaborate


The Project Manager is an incredibly helpful tool to help you organise your projects and music tracks and keep on top of what music is being short-listed for which project/client. It's free and included in your account.

Step 1

The Project Manager

You'll see a tab on the black header for 'Your Projects'. You can click this at any time to access your Project Manager.

Step 2

The Project Manager

When you enter your Project Manager you'll see a list of your projects. When using it for the first time you'll need to create your first project. Give it a useful name, in this instance we've called it 'First Project'. Very creative!

Step 3

The Project Manager

Once you've created your project you'll see it appear in your Project Manager. You'll see it currently contains 0 items. Once you start adding tracks this will let you know how many you've got. To view files in your project manager, click 'View'. If you want to make changes to the name of the project or add any extra info, click 'Edit'. When you're happy with your Project, go choose some music!

Step 4

The Project Manager

Now you're in the general music library you can easily add any music tracks to your project. Just click the 'Add' button to get a drop down of options. Click 'Add To Project'.

Step 5

The Project Manager

If you hadn't already created a project, you could do so here, but as you've already created a project, select it and click 'Add'.

Step 6

The Project Manager

The dialogue box above confirms you've added the music track to your project so you can return to the music library. To view your project, simply click 'Your Projects' mentioned in the first step.

Step 7

The Project Manager

When you click to view a project you'll see your music tracks listed here. You can easily play any music track by clicking the 'Play' icon. You can add comments to individual music tracks.

You can also email the project to clients and colleagues whom can also add their own comments and feedback. You can restrict or allow recipients 'Write' access if you would like to allow them to make changes, i.e. add/remove tracks to your project.

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