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Product Bundles - Durational Edits, Loops, Stings and More

Product Bundles

When you license music from our library, you don't just receive a single file. Where possible, we have created a selection of durational edits, loops, stings and underscores where possible, to compliment the main music track giving you maximum flexibility.

Durational Edits

Sometimes a 3 minute music track sounds great, but only 30 seconds is needed for a television spot. We include 30 and 60 second edits as standard (where possible) for music tracks to ensure you the music you love, is ideal for your project.

Flash Loops

Often, music is used as background sound to a website or presentation and a fully featured 3 minute track on a continous loop doesn't quite sound right. We provide short loopable versions of main tracks as standard (where possible) so you can mix and match loops for a seamless, continuous loop for as long as necessary without the end user hearing a looped track.


Where possible, we try to include a Sting to accompany music tracks. A Sting is a short burst of the main track, edited to be used as an opening, break or end of a music track. Similar to a jingle, but more related to the music track in use. For example, a sound that is played when a selection is chosen on a DVD menu might have a short sound played similar to the background menu music. This is known as a Sting.


An underscore is usually an edit of the main track which is the same length but doesn't feature the full mix of instruments used in the original and can be more useful and less distinctive. It carries the same mood and feel of the original track but just a little more toned down.

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