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You can Podcast an entire category of music to listen to when it suits you. Whether you want to play back on a mobile device, car or other audio system you can Podcast an entire category of music track previews and take them with you whenever you go. There's no DRM and they're encoded at 128kbps MP3.

Once you've Podcasted a category, you're automatically subscribed to the category feed which means when we add new music you'll have it automatically downloaded to your collection as and when you choose to check for updates.

Step 1

When you're browsing a category you wish to Podcast simply click the Podcast button at the upper right of the catelogue page illustrated below:

How to download an entire category

Step 2

Once you click the Podcast button you'll be asked which program you'd like to open the Podcast feed with. We recommend using iTunes as shown in this guide. Select iTunes or your preferred Podcast player.

Step 3

You'll then see your Podcast being downloaded and added to iTunes. Only the first track in category will be downloaded to start with, but you can add all the tracks to download queue if you wish. With the Podcast comes the category and tracks along with their full description, illustrated below.

How to download an entire category
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