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How To Filter Music Tracks


Each music track has its own unique tags that help define its sound and feel. These tags can be used to filter a category of music tracks to help optimise your search results, and give you ideas of what to look out for.

For example, the 'Business and Corporate' category features over 80 music tracks in a range of styles and moods relating to the category theme. You can use tags to filter the tracks closer to your ideal selection.

Step 1

Click the filter button for a drop down of options. Select the 'Tags' option to display a list of tags assigned to music tracks in this category.

Filter Options

Step 2

Select a few tags to display only the music tracks with these tags assigned to them. In the example below, we've applied the tags 'delicate' and 'intricate'. This will only return tracks from the business category that are tagged with either of those tags.

Filter Options

Step 3

You'll notice only 3 music tracks have been filtered from a possible 80. These 3 results are your unique selection of filtered music tracks that are either 'delicate' or 'intricate'. Check out the filtered results for yourself here, and see what you think!

Filter Options

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