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Frequently Asked Questions, Support and Answers


A list of frequently asked questions complete with answers, advice and support to any query you may have about licensing music. Browse the FAQ and click any question for its answer. Simply press the back button in your browser to return to the menu. If you can't find a simple answer to your query, please get in touch.

How Does Work?

We have designed our website to be easy and user-friendly to ensure that you have an enjoyable, worthwhile and successful visit. We want you to use the website and purchase music with ease and confidence. We have a range of helpful guides demonstrating our unique features here.

How Do I Search For Music?

Music has been categorised by genre and mood. Simply click a category on the left hand side to view a selection of available sub-categories of music in that genre/mood. You can also search for music using keywords, here.

What Does 'Exclusive' Mean?

We have a wide range of music tracks available exclusively in our library. This means you won't find them anywhere else and were composed specifically to our guidelines. Read more.

What Is The 'Pack Contents' Of A Music Track?

Where possible we provide durational edits, loops and stings with a music track so you don't just receive the main track, but a variety of sub-edits and loops/stings with it for no extra fee. Ideal for 30 second spots or background music where a loop is more suitable than a full track. Read more.

Are Sub-Edits Available For Every Track?

Almost, but sometimes a particular track's instrumentation, or style may not make it possible to be cut up into smaller edits or loops. If you find a track and need it made longer or shorter, Contact Us and we'll see what we can do.

About The Advanced Search

The advanced search allows you to target and customise your search by setting parameters including product ID, composer, category and BPM.

What Styles Of Music Do You Have?

We have a continually growing comprehensive collection of music suitable for all types of application. Music styles and genres range from slow moving Acoustic Guitar, to fast paced Metal, Suspense, Hip Hop, Jazz, Chill Out, Children's Music, Classical Music, Soundtrack, Euphoric Trance and much more. New music is added to the library, every month which can be tracked in our Music Releases section.

How Can I View The Latest New Music?

The latest music will always be shown when you click the Music Library tab at the top of the website

How Can I Find Out When New Music Is Added?

You can keep updated to the latest music tracks in several ways. We release a monthly newsletter and Podcast promoting new music collections and we keep you posted on new additions to the library via Twitter and Facebook

How Do I Play Music?

Simply select a music category from the left column of the site. The results will be displayed in the centre column of the page. Each music track has its own Preview button. You'll need to have Flash installed. Most browsers have this installed by default but if you need to download it, it's free for Mac and PC.

Can I Play Previews On My Mobile Device?

Yes. We have optimised our catelogue so you it can be played on most mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android powered platforms

Does Music Streaming Require A High Speed Connection?

We have optimised our previews to load quickly for optimum playback. Any broadband service should accommodate instant playback of all music.

Do I Need Any Specific Software To View The Website?

No specialist software is required to view our website and content but we advise you to keep your browser up to date with the latest plugins to maintain a quality experience.

What Format Are The Music Previews?

Our previews are compressed MP3 and watermarked to deter unlicensed usage. They can be downloaded for audition but are a reduced quality compared to any purchased music.

How Do I Download A Preview

When signed into your account, simply click the 'Add' on the Preview Console and select 'Download Preview'.

Can I Short-List Tracks I Like Before Purchase?

Yes. When you create an account at you have access to a comprehensive Project Manager in your account to organise and sort your selections.

Can I Share My Selections With Colleagues/Clients?

Yes. Your Project Manager provides a simple and intuitive way to organise, share and collaborate your selections with colleagues and clients.

Can I Add Tracks To A Lightbox?

Yes. This is your Project Manager. A much more advanced, useful and practical version of a Lightbox

How Do I Add Tracks To My Project Manager?

When signed into your account, simply click the 'Add' on the Preview Console and select 'Add To Project'. View a guide here.

What Is The New Music Podcast?

We release a new Podcast episode every month showcasing new music that has been added to our website. You can download and listen to the Podcast on your PC/Mac, Phone or MP3 Player at your leisure. It's free!

Downloading And Purchasing Music Files

How Do I Select A Track To Purchase?

Next to the Preview Button you'll see a button called 'Add'. Simply click this and select 'Add To Basket'. This will add the music track to your basket which is updated instantly on the right hand side of the page. You can either add further tracks or check out.

How Do I Check Out My Music Track?

When you're ready, simply click 'Checkout' from your basket on the right hand side of the page. You'll then need to confirm your license.

We can process all major card payments including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing, JCB, American Express, Solo and Switch. We also accept payments via Paypal.

Can I make payment via BACS/Bank Transfer or Cheque?

Yes. During your order check out, you'll be given an option to select payment method. Simply choose pay by telephone, bank transfer or cheque and an order will be placed for us to contact you to complete payment. Note: For purchases outside of the website an admin fee will be charged.

Using Paypal And Worldpay

Worldpay is a payment provider that processes all card payments at If you have a major credit or debit card you can make a purchase as you would at any online store. We have also incorporated Paypal so that you can purchase tracks with through PayPal, whether you have a PayPal account or not.

About International Currencies On Our Website

We cater for multiple currencies including US Dollars, Pound Sterling, EURO, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars and YEN. You can view all prices in any of these currencies. By default currencies are shown in US Dollars. You can set your preferred currency in your account.

How Do I Access My Music Track After Purchase?

When you complete the transaction online you will receive an email from WorldPay or PayPal confirming the purchase. You will then receive an email from with your unique download token to access your music track.

You can also download your files from your account. Simply click 'My Account' at the website and click 'Order History'. This displays what tracks were purchased, when and the price. You can download these tracks by clicking the title

I Didn't Receive A Download Email

Download emails are sent from We advise you to add this address to your safe list or address book to ensure it is not filtered as SPAM or JUNK mail. This email is automated and can be subjected to filters blocking it, preventing it from reaching your Inbox. If you do not receive your download email within a few minutes of purchase, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder. You can also download your files from your User Account in your Order History

About the Order History

All tracks purchased are recorded in your account Order History. Simply click My Account and select Order History. This displays what tracks were purchased, when and what price. You can download these tracks by clicking the title. This feature is useful for multiple colleagues that require access to material in separate studios etc

What Format Is The Music When I Download it?

All music tracks are supplied as Broadcast Quality MP3 at 44 kHz, 320kps, 16-bit, Stereo Sound MP3 files. This is an accepted standard format by all major broadcasters such as the BBC. All Flash Music Loops are provided as uncompressed WAV 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo Sound Files. We can also provide music in WAV and AIFF upon request.

Unzipping Your Files

Unzipping/Uncompressing Your Files In Mac OSX
If you encounter the error 'decompression failed' when downloading a preview there is a simple solution. Simply open your decompression software on your Mac (usually StuffIt) and drag the downloaded zip file into the application. It will unzip/decompress immediately.

Unzipping/Uncompressing Your Files In Windows XP or Later
If you are using a Windows XP or later based machine you can unzip/decompress files from the properties menu. Simply right click on the zipped/compressed file and select "Open With" and select "Compressed Zipped Folders"

Music Licensing Questions

What Is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free Music is a term that is commonly given to music that can be paid for once and used again and again without recurring royalty payments. Read our article on Royalty Free Music.

This is true at where music can be licensed and used again and again. However if you intend to use our music for any Mass Production/Distribution, as part of Public Performances, Broadcast or advertising then you will need to purchase a license for these kinds of use

What Is Production Music?

Production Music is a term used to describe non-commercial music that has been composed usually in defined moods and genres such as Suspense, Calm, Mystery, Upbeat, and many others. It was originally created so that TV and Radio producers could easily find music to fit the mood they wanted to create. Read our article on Production Music.

What Can I Use Your Music For?

We offer 3 main types of Music License. Our Standard License allows you to use our music for most general uses such as websites, videos, podcasts, in-store music, music on-hold and much more. If you need to duplicate more than 500 copies of music for CD-A, CD-ROM, DVD or download then you will need a Mass Production License. If you need to use the music for Broadcasting such as TV or Radio or Advertising then you need to Contact Us to arrange a license.

How Long Does A Music License Last For?

Once you have purchased the music and used it in your project it can be used in perpetuity. The music license lasts for 50 years after the death of the composer.

How Many Times Can I Use The Music?

You can use the music as any times as you like, provided you do not exceed the License Terms

Can I Use Your Music On Several Formats?

If you license music from us you can use it across all of your different media formats such as promotional videos, website, podcast, CD-ROM, DVD or other platforms providing it does not exceed our License Terms

What If I Need To Duplicate Music Used On A CD/DVD?

If you need to duplicate in excess of 500 copies on ANY media (including downloads or templates) then you need to purchase a Mass Production License to cover it. We will issue you with a License Certificate once the license has been purchased. It is a requirement by Law that duplication houses will ask for proof that you have the rights to duplicate the music

What If Distribution Is Download Only?

If you are selling a digital download product you can still track the number of sales as you would a physical medium. You'll need to accomodate sales numbers into your license. If you exceed your license you can contact us to upgrade at any time.

What About Music Used In Public Places?

If you are using music in places where the general public will be attending such as Museums, Visitor Centres, Attractions and other similar then you need to purchase music under the Public Performance License.

When music is played in public the owner of the copyright is entitled, by law, to payment from the music user. The Performing Rights Society is an organisation that collects and distributes this money (known as 'royalties') to its members - the owner of the copyright (usually the composer or their publisher).

A PRS license is required in the UK for the live performance or public playing of copyright music by any means - this includes CDs, Video, Radio, TV, Music-on-Hold and Online.

In Germany, to play music publically a license is required from the German Performing Rights Organisation (PRO), GEMA. Fees are collected on behalf of any composer that is registered with any PRO worldwide. Music played at tradeshows requires a license from GEMA, which is usually, but not always held by the event/show organisers.

Music licensed from a composer who is not registered with any Performing Rights Organisation does not require any PRO licensing to be performed in public.

Licensing music to broadcast/play in public places can differ from country to country around the world depending on the PRO responsible for governing each specific territory. A list of worldwide Peforming Rights Organisations can be viewed here.

As the licensee, YOU are responsible to check if a PRO license is required for the performance in the country you intend to use the music in.

Can I Use The Music On A Client's Website

Yes, under the Standard License you can use our music on your/your client's website as background music or suchlike. It must be in a streaming format rather than downloadable otherwise you may be required to purchase the Mass Production License

Can I Use The Music As Part Of A Download?

Music can be used as part of a media format that is downloadable (Video, Podcasts) providing that you do not exceed more than 500 downloads. If you're making the music purposefully available to download you need a license such as the Mass Production/Distribution License to cover it.

Can I Use The Music In TV/Radio Broadcast?

Yes. We fully cater for the broadcast production industry providing music for entertainment programming and advertising. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Can I Use Your Music In Advertising?

Yes. Any form of advertising can be covered from Online Animations to Broadcast Television Spots. Contact Us to discuss your needs.

Other Types Of Music Use

We can license music for any purpose. If you're unsure of the correct license for your project, please Contact Us to discuss your needs.

What Is A Cue Sheet?

A Cue Sheet is a simple form that lists the sounds and music cues used in TV and Radio shows. The Cue Sheet is then sent by the broadcasters (such as a TV channel) to the Performing Rights Organisation like PRS (UK) or ASCAP (USA).

The Cue Sheet enables Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) to calculate royalty fees for their members (Music Composers, Publishers, Music Libraries).

Cue sheets are very simple to complete and we provide all necessary information - see our online Cue Sheet

What Are PRS, ASCAP And BMI?

PRS (UK), ASCAP (USA) and BMI (USA) are all Performing Rights Organisations and are responsible collecting royalties for music composers, publishers and music libraries.

PRS is a non-profit organisation for music composers, publishers and artists. PRS is known as a collecting society because its primary role is collecting royalties from music users in the UK who every day publicly perform, broadcast and include music in public performances. PRS also collects royalties from around the world for its members through reciprocal agreements with collecting societies overseas. PRS collects the royalties by issuing a licence to the music user (usually charged on an annual basis). In order to then make royalty payments to its members, PRS needs to know what music is being played. Major users, such as the BBC and large concert venues, give PRS detailed reports of the music they play. For many other venues including commercial discos, clubs and pubs, PRS sends researchers to obtain first hand information. They give out licenses to pubs, clubs, hotels, bars and restaurants that play music to the public, whether it is via radio, CD or other media. They also pay royalties to the composers or artists whose music is played whether on TV, radio or other publicly performed area. Also see: Music Used In Public Places

About Our Products

What Are Flash Music Loops?

Flash Music Loops are basically short pieces of music that have been created so that they can be looped by software such as Adobe Flash. The music plays continuously as one seamless music piece. They were originally developed as way of using music for websites where slow connection speeds meant that file sizes had to be reduced.

Loops are also very handy for Video Production, DVD Menus and Podcast Production where music loops can be stretched to fit your timeline. They are flexible and effective when used in sets.

Flash loops at vary in length from 4-25 seconds in length. Some of our Flash Loops come in sets so that when you purchase a loop you will get several variations to give you some flexibility. Listen to Flash Loops here.

What Are Audio Logos?

Audio Logos are short sound/music pieces that are often used as signature sounds for company logos/start-up screens and other uses. Think of the Windows start-up sound or the Intel chime. Listen to Audio Logos here.

What are Audio Idents?

Audio Ident's are really just another name for Audio Logos. They are short Music/Sound pieces that are used to represent a logo/brand/image/product. Listen to Audio Idents here.

What are Stings?

Musical Stings are bursts of music. They were originally used in TV and Radio where music was used to bump together different sections and chapters of a show. Today's music user can be very flexible with Stings; they are ideal for websites, loading pages, DVD menus, Podcasts as well as other Media. Listen to Stings here.

About our Music Tracks

Our Music tracks now come bundled with 30 and 60 second edits where possible. We also provide you with all of the Loops and any Stings of that particular track where possible. Read more.

What is a Blanket License?

A Blanket License is simply a one-off annual payment that can give you complete access to our entire music library. They are highly suitable for situations where you need access to lots of music without making payments. We have a range of licenses to suit all kinds of companies from Small Video Production Companies, Post Production Houses to corporates, TV Channels and others. Get more info on a Blanket License or Get A Quote.

Do we provide music on CD/DVD?

We can accommodate almost any music need. If you want to create your own CD that simply make your selection and email it to us. We will then provide all of the music you need, in whichever format you require. Postage will be FREE

Information on Custom Music Production

Our team of music composers, production teams and musicians are nearly all available for Custom Music jobs. We have specialists for nearly every style of music and can help to deliver a bespoke solution to you. See our Custom Music Production page.

Do you have durational edits of your music?

Yes, most of our music tracks now include 30 and 60 second edits for your convenience meaning you can be more flexible in the way you use music

Prices and Cost

If you would like to see our prices and costs simply check the license calculator on any product page.

About Our Website

Why become a member at

Setting up a user account is free. If you set up a free account you can download free music files as well as download previews to your desktop. Also to purchase any music you must have an account. The Project Manager is also available to account holders as well as our free monthly newsletter.

User account information

As a registered user of you have the benefit of many advanced features such as Project Manager, Shared Music, Downloadable Previews, Free Content and more.

Using the Project Manager

The Project Manager enables users to save music by creating, managing and sharing projects. To use the Project Manager you must have a User Account. This is a very handy tool for collecting music for different projects and sharing it with clients and colleagues. Click here to view a guide

The Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter to all of our members. The newsletter contains information on new music releases, new user features, podcasts and more.

Browser support is optimised to work in all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on both Mac and PC. If you experience any difficulties viewing the website, please let us know

Music Providers

About our composers and production teams music library features music from composers, musicians, production teams and performers from across the globe. Many are suited to certain styles and genres whilst others are more flexible. Almost all of our composers are available for Custom Music Projects. More on Custom Music Services.

Become a composer

If you think you have music that would be suitable for us then we would love to hear from you. Please visit the Become a Composer page for more info.

General Business

Do you share my private details with anyone?

We do not share any of your information with any 3rd party company, persons or organisations whatsoever apart from the payment providers Worldpay and Paypal. Your information will in no way be shared, sold or passed on to any other third party. We value your details very much and take care to protect it from any kind of exposure

Is your website secure? is hosted on high security servers that utilise the best anti-virus and security software. All financial transactions are handled by Worldpay and Paypal. All of our files are thoroughly checked with up to date anti-virus software and our website is also kept up to date with the latest security issues

Do I get an invoice?

You will receive a receipt from Worldpay or PayPal once your transaction has been completed. You will also receive a sales invoice from us via email immediately after your purchase, which is also available in your user account.

About VAT

We are a UK based VAT registered company. Our Vat number is GB 797 2853 67. Please make sure to set your correct COUNTRY when registering an account with us, as this will be used to determine whether or not you are charged VAT. For more info on VAT please visit HM Custom and Revenue

About Returns and Refunds

Since all of our music can be previewed online and downloaded before a purchase is made we do not give refunds. However should you find that any of our files do not work or are corrupted in any way we will endeavour to provide you with working versions as soon as possible. If a music track is purchased in error, we will provide an exchange or credit to your account at the manager's discretion.

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