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The Beat Suite Recording Studio Newcastle

Recording Studio Newcastle

Key Features

  • Fully Soundproofed Vocal Booth
  • Acoustic Treated Listening Room
  • ISDN Recording Facility
  • Audio Engineer Assisted Session
  • Wi-Fi Access

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Ideal Location for Local and Distance Clients

Based in the heart of the city, our Recording Studio is directly opposite Newcastle Central Train and Metro Station providing easy access via rail whether from surrounding towns or from afar such as London in less than 3 hours.

National Rail timetables can be found here and local Metro timetables here. If you wish to visit by car, we can provide on-site parking (please call ahead). Check out our 'Place Page' to find out more about our location and surroundings.

We can also work with clients who cannot travel but still need to direct a voice over session. Through our ISDN line, clients and colleagues can listen in and direct the voice over artist from their location without interupting or compromising the session.

Voice Over Solutions

We cater for many voice over requirements and understand it's not always straight forward. We've provided emergency voice recordings ahead of live performances to use as a backup in the event of the performer's voice weakening.

We've provided a location for 'over the phone' interviews with leading newspapers and journalists where the interviewee can't make the trip due to time constraints. Using our ISDN facility, we can record a high quality recording of the interview with both parties, in separate locations.

All sessions are managed by our audio engineer to ensure the highest quality audio recording and service. We provide a client area with Wi-Fi access to relax or work during sessions.

Give us a call on 0800 285 1923 to discuss your requirements, and check out a gallery of photos from our studio below:

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