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YouTube False Copyright ID Matches

posted on 20/05/2013

YouTube is continually causing problems with content producers with third party copyright claims against their content. I recently discovered the video above that outlines one user's gripes with the current system, of which change is duly needed.

There have been extreme cases where music without any music or background track have been flagged by their copyright ID system, with a claim of ownership against music used in their video. Other cases include music professionally sourced and licensed music being flagged as infringing on copyright.

This means that people who license music legally are also being punished for alleged copyright breach of music they have paid for, to use in their online content.

Unfortunatey this is an issue that cannot be resolved overnight, or those other than YouTube. What you can do, is make sure you only use music that is cleared for use online through Royalty Free Music libraries, like I published an article in March 2013 about the importance of paying for music for YouTube.

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