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YouTube False Copyright ID Claims by Third Parties

posted on 21/11/2013

All music licensed from is cleared for use online and licensed to you, the client by our library. It has come to our attention in recent weeks that several third party companies and organisations have lay claim to music used in videos online. Organisations such as Believe Digital have claimed they own the copyright to a specific music track licensed by our library. The resulting claim can lead to one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The content is blocked and removed from YouTube
  • The content is allowed, but adverts are placed on top of and alongside your video
  • Earnings for monetized content is passed straight to the claimant and Adsense users no longer receive earnings for their content.
  • Content creators are banned from uploading further content to YouTube and their channel is deleted.

This has affected many YouTube content producers who create content, license music and publish online either for corporate presentation online, or as a way to generate revenue from highly consumable content.

Unfortunately, the automated content ID system implemented by YouTube and used by third party companies is causing erroneous and false claims on content using music licensed legally by production music libraries. This causes fear and doubt by content creators that they have paid for something they cannot use, and do not wish to face legal action of copyrighted content.

We have corresponded with several production music libraries to identify and address third party copyright claims to retract their claim and in all cases, neither the client nor music library is at fault. We work closely with our composers and clients to ensure the music we license to you, is copyright free, and fully cleared to use online.

If you encounter any copyright ID claims on music licensed from our library, you need to contest this claim via YouTube to alert their system this is a false claim. This can be quick and easy. However, in some cases, third party claimants like Believe Digital have such a backlog of copyright disputes, they don’t review the claim and instead, content creators are left with content they cannot monetize, or even publish online.

This is wrong, and unfair.

Contact us with details of the copyright claim, providing as much information as you can, and a screenshot of the warning page and we’ll work for you to contact those responsible.

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