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YouTube Copyright Match ID System Still Broken

YouTube Is Broken
posted on 05/06/2014

There’s nothing more compelling than firsthand experience to remind you that things don’t really change, despite promises and reassurances. While there’s additional revenue to be sought from online content, 3rd party copyright claimants will flag your content and attempt to claim copyright using YouTube’s flawed music recognition system.

Whilst gearing up for the coming World Cup 2014 tournament in Brazil, we took to YouTube to share some of our favourite tunes. Upon posting our content, one piece was immediately incorrectly flagged to be something else, and therefore matched 3rd party copyright.

In this scenario, we immediately dispute the claim and contact the claimant directly. We also follow this procedure on behalf of any client licensing music from our library if they ever encounter such a claim. However, during this process, any content creators looking to monetize their content will notice they can no longer generate revenue from their content during the dispute, and those who are not enrolled in any monetization scheme may notice 3rd party adverts that could prove detrimental to their content’s aim or objective.

The dispute process is still long-winded, slow and treats the user as the criminal, in the wrong with the threat of their account being terminated if their dispute is wrong. When the dispute process is eventually filed through tick-boxes and statements, the review and possible lift of the claim can take anywhere from days, to weeks to be resolved.

It seems wrong that YouTube is treating its primary content producers in this manner. After all, the video platform is built on user-submitted content but now seems more focussed on delivering pre-roll ads and pop up ads rather than quality content.

Until recently, high quality content producers flocked to alternative video sharing platform, Vimeo to host their content without concern for an automated and broken copyright flagging system. However, recent news that Vimeo has adopted its own copyright match ID system means content Vimeo users could also experience the same headache.

We've also written several other articles to keep you informed about how to use music in your YouTube content, and stay ahead of copyright strikes:

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