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What Is Glitch Music

posted on 25/09/2013

We’ve recently shown off our collection of Digital Glitch music available for license in our library, but what exactly is ‘Glitch Music’? Sample our Minimix above for a taste.

Glitch is a style of electronic music that makes use of known anomalies, errors and glitches that appeared in digital music production and playback. Problems such as CD skipping, electric hum, distortion, bit rate reduction, hardware noise and interference, computer bugs, crashes, vinyl record hiss or scratches and system errors.

Glitch Music emerged in the mid to late 1990s and is often described as a genre that adheres to the "aesthetic of failure.”

The music featured in this genre is often inspired by Techno/Electronic and Drum n Bass style music with dance music tracks featuring a range of chopped up, distorted, mashed-up and glitchy digital themed music tracks.

As with any piece of music, the composer is taking various elements to create a final masterpiece. With the arrival of digital music, these errors and glitches became synonymous with several genres and became part of the creative process turning common glitches into intelligent music.

It may not be a widely popular genre of music, but digital glitch is an impressive and creative form of music that can be applied to a variety of styles and uses. Browse our Digitial Glitch music collection here.

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