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What Is EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

posted on 24/03/2015

EDM - Electronic Dance Music

Made popular in the USA music press as an umbrella term relating to the many genres of modern commercial Dance Music, including but not limited to House, Techno and Trance.

EDM can be categorised by being produced for dance music entertainment including clubs, raves and festivals. Most often played by DJ’s as part of a seamless, mixed live set where tracks can be effortlessly mixed, remixed, merged and mashed-up using a plethora of new DJ technology and software.

EDM was coined post 2000 as a phrase to encapsulate the commercialisation of Dance Music which was hirtherto popular across the world most notably the UK and European music scenes and across scores of raves, parties and events around the world.

Although originating from the USA in the 1980’s, House and Techno music firmly took root over the Atlantic and was made popular by underground mix DJ’s, remixers, nightclub events and independent record labels whom advanced and evolved the music into almost every possible facet of musical influence spawning dozens of sub genres and styles of which many formed into their own unique sound (Drum and Bass, Dubstep)

At this time Dance Music was not mainstream in the USA and it was not until late 1990’s when mainly European and UK artists and DJ’s begin to export a more progressive Dance Music sound to the USA which gained mass exposure and led to the US press coining the terms EDM or Electronic Dance Music.

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