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Royalty Free Suspense Music

posted on 12/03/2014

Suspense Music does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s designed to create a feeling of suspense, tension and fear to the listener, and is commonly used in movies to lead the audience down a specific path by the director to make them feel on edge, in preparation for an impending confrontation. One of the best examples of suspense music is the well known theme from Jaws.

The soundtrack for the movie, and iconic ‘Jaws Theme’ was composed by John Williams, a simple alternating pattern of two notes—variously identified as "E and F" or "F and F sharp". This simple theme became a classic piece of suspense music, synonymous with approaching danger and described by Williams as "grinding away at you, just as a shark would do, instinctual, relentless and unstoppable."

The piece was performed by tuba player Tommy Johnson. When asked by Johnson why the melody was written in such a high register and not played by the more appropriate French horn, Williams responded that he wanted it to sound "a little more threatening". When Williams first demonstrated his idea to Spielberg, playing just the two notes on a piano, Spielberg was said to have laughed, thinking that it was a joke.

Our royalty free suspense music offers a wide variety of tense and suspense music tracks to add a sinister, foreboding feel to your projects. The days of shark attack movies are mostly finished with, unless you tune into the SyFi channel but for those who need to license suspense music copyright free, our collection offers a great range of tracks to choose from. If you're looking for dramatic, epic and cinematic tracks, check out our royalty free epic music.

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