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Recording Studio IVR Sessions

posted on 10/08/2015

One of the many uses of our recording studio is the recording of Interactive Voice Recordings (IVRs) that are used in telephone on-hold systems. This involves recording several takes of messages, choosing the perfect take and ensuring the volume levels are consistant throughout each recording and session.

Whilst recordings take place over many weeks and months as the system expands, it is crucial the audio levels remain consistant throughout so the user on the end of the telephone is not greeted with messages that vary in volume.

We often have Lucy down in the studio, who is providing her voice for a new IVR system with new and updated messages for the telephone on-hold system for a company with a base in the North East.

Once messages are recorded and signed off, they are encoded in our studio to match the common on-hold audio requirement which is a compressed format, optimised for telephony systems.

Can we help with your on-hold messaging service? Contact us with more information about your project. We also provide a range of on-hold music, optimised for use on telephony hold systems.

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