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Recommended Music Formats For Final Cut Pro X

posted on 11/03/2014

Word on the grape vine is that Apple's Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) doesn't like users importing MP3 audio, which can be quite frustrating for those taking existing audio to import into their project, such as purchased royalty free music from a library.

While MP3 is a compressed format, a high quality encoded MP3 file is perfectly suitable for use in any project, from online corporate communications, to broadcast commercials. We provide music in a high quality encoded MP3 format, at 320kbps.

However, there is a long-standing issue of FCPX not working with MP3 audio, no matter what quality the MP3 is. Whilst this issue doesn't present a problem to most users, we appreciate editors sometimes need the original uncompressed WAV audio file, and this is available from free, with your purchase.

If you require a WAV version of your purchased music track, simply send us an email post-purchase and we'll provide a link to the full, uncompressed WAV audio immediately after purchase.

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