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Paying For High Quality Production Music

posted on 20/05/2013

It's an interesting decision, deciding on which music library you want to pay for music. The Beat Suite Music Library is one of the higher end music libraries, never trying to compete on price, but focusing on what they do, and doing it best.

We pride our music library on featuring only quality music tracks, both in production values and musical style. We do not sign music that does pass our strict methods of review and quality control. You will find music available from cheaper bargain priced music libraries will feature tired, dated catalogues of music, with 20 or 30 music tracks per category all sounding very similar and weak in the production value of the track itself.

One factor to consider with cheaper music libraries is, in order to recover music fees in exchange for cheaper prices they will have their content massively syndicated across several large music libraries, all selling music for the $40.00 and below fee, so a customer saves money, but they receive fees from several sources which means the likelihood of a music track you've purchased, being used by several other people is greater with potential risk to a client’s branding and image.

Another important factor is when music is used on platforms such as YouTube. Our music is independent and licensed from us, to you, our client. Cheaper libraries will again try to recover music fees by registering their music tracks in the YouTube content ID system to place adverts alongside your client videos to make money each time the video is viewed online. This of course ruins the client’s image and video having an advert played before their video, or alongside it.

This is a discussion that often arises when we talk to clients and the difference between a high end production music library, and cheap online bargain bin of music tracks. This is WHY clients are willing to pay for music from The Beat Suite Music Library, and we feel it's both important and useful information to communicate to you, for consideration when deciding which music library to use.

I recently published an article featuring a video about YouTube's false copyright ID system here.

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