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New Updates and Features

posted on 05/04/2012

We've launched a few nifty new features and updates to the website to enhance and improve your experience when searching for, and listening to music. Hit 'Read More' to find out what's new!

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New Preview 'Scrub' Feature

We've implemented a new scrub feature to our preview console that allows you to instantly skip through a music track as soon as the preview starts playing, making it easier to play through a collection of music to find the right track for your project.

New Category Minimixes

We now provide you with a short 'Minimix' of music from a newly launched category giving you a quick audible summary of what's instore. Check out the Minimix below for our recently launched Business Grooves collection.

New *Recommended* Selections

We know our music better than anyone, and we appreciate you may not know where to look or what to look for. We now provide a hand picked selection of music comprised of what we think is the best music from sub-categories within a parent category, giving you a recommended and varied selection of tracks with an overall theme. Check out our *Recommended* selection of Lifestyle Music.

New Track of the Week Updates

Each week we'll pick out and showcase a track that we think is worth a listen. You may just find the new soundtrack to your project. AND you can stay updated the way you want via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud. We even have a page dedicated to each track here so you never miss a beat.

New Advanced Search Filters

If you're looking for music tracks from a certain category or collection only interested in those with a 30 second edit, or a sting you can now use our Advanced Search page to customise your search and results. You can also limit your search results for tracks within a specific Tempo/BPM.

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