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New Popular Music Keyword Categories

posted on 27/02/2014

We've been hard at work developing a new selection of royalty free music categories to improve your experience at to find the best music for your projects.

We recently launched our new Popular Keywords category. A selection of handpicked royalty free music collections centered around the most popular, commonly used keywords in the production industry including:

Beautiful Piano Tracks

Piano based music tracks that create a sense of beauty, wonder and awe. A collection of captivating pieces featuring accompanying instruments alongside a piano.

Calm and Reassuring

A variety of music styles and themes that convey a calm and reassuring feeling. Featuring laid back and relaxing tracks, to warm, comforting pieces.

Epic Showreel Tracks

The best of the best music to show off your work. We've hand picked our best music to accompany showreel type projects that will make your portfolio burst out the screen.

Feel Good

Our personal selection of Feel Good music featuring music from a wide range of themes and genres to produce a collection of high spirited, upbeat and happy, feel good music.

Happy Folk / Nu Folk

The best guitar based, happy and spritely folk music there is! Joyful, upbeat and feel good featuring music from a variety of styles.


Our favourite and most influential inspirational music tracks that stand out as the most inspiring music that cover a wide range of styles including corporate and creative themes.


Music that motivates and inspires you to get up and go. Music ranging from motivational energetic rock to creating and inspiring electro.

Movie Trailer Music

Music you'd expect to hear in the cinema before the main feature! Epic orchestral score music tracks that would right in to any Hollywood blockbuster.

Positive and Upbeat

Music that is its namesake. Positive and upbeat tracks from a wide variety of collections that represent positivity and an upbeat feel good mood.


Music designed to slow things down, create a sense of emotion and reflection with a sombre, downbeat feeling. Features music from across our library.

Thought Provoking

Music covering a range of genres and themes designed to provoke thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative.


Music that just shines! Happy, positive and uplifting music tracks from a huge range of categories across the library that have an exciting, uplifting sound.

Is there a particular type of keyword music style you think we should highlight. Let us know and get in touch with your suggestions. We'll continue to expand our list of popular keywords.

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