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New Moods and Emotions Royalty Free Music

posted on 09/10/2013

We've completely overhauled our Moods and Emotions music category to refine, update and include a selection of top keywords editors and producers use to find the right music for their project.

Our music library is packed with collections of music we've categorised based on themes and styles. However, we know that people find it easier to search for music based on a particular keyword, whether it's rock, indie, dance or chilled, they may just want something that is Inspiring, despite it's style, theme or genre.

So we created our Moods and Emotions collection featuring a distinct collection of mood specific keywords to pull together music that best fits that mood, no matter which category the track resides in. Try any of the Mood keyword categories below and see what you think:

We will continue to update this list and add new Mood keywords based on client feedback. Want to suggest a Mood? Get in touch and let us know.

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