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Music Spotlight - Shadow Play by Ryan Teague

posted on 25/02/2015

Discovering new music happens in a variety of ways, and in the production industry it can come from existing successful campaigns, or popular commercial music. But sometimes, something comes along that is quite unique, in comparison to the mainstream music market.

Shadow Play, by Ryan Teague is a beautiful, thoughtful and provocative piece of music that is both inspiring and reflective. We love this piece for its minimalist simplicity and powerful mood. The piece is very reflective of our music collection: Time and Motion which comprises of music with a distinct surreal and dreamy feel, blending time and its relationship with movement. Some of our favourite music tracks that fit very well alongside Shadow Play include:

Other collections with a similar theme include:
Documentary | Thoughtful | Reflective | Ambient Earth

We welcome any suggestions from clients for music you think we should check out. Either we can recommend music from our royalty free music library that will match perfectly, or it gives us a new theme to look at and work on for a new collection.

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