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Music in Advertising - BMW 1 Series Ad

posted on 30/04/2015

One of the most Shazamed UK ads this week is for the BMW 1 Series featuring a beautiful piece of music: "For" by Nils Frahm. The ad diverts from the usual car commercial theme, promoting power, performance and luxury and instead offers 30 seconds of visuals to invoke emotions and experiences.

The choice of music is incredibly powerful alongside the visuals and message. The piece is comforting, relaxing and tranquil and sits well in the background without being obtrusive, yet still creates an important atmosphere.

Our Ambient Earth collection provides a range of music tracks with a tranquil, sparse and emotional background music sound evoking thoughts and feelings similar to what is presented in the ad above. Sample some of our favourite tracks from this collection below:

We also have a range of other categories offering similar themes and sounds:
Inspirational | Time and Motion | Intelligent Electronica | Magical Moments | Meditation

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