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Microsoft U-Turns On Xbox One Preowned and Always Online Policies

posted on 20/06/2013

This is HUGE news and I couldn't believe it when I read it. I had to check my calender to ensure it wasn't April 1st. Less than a few weeks after E3 and Microsoft's press conference comes news that they are going back on their controversial policies. Get the full lowdown and our thoughts after the break.

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Incase you missed it, Microsoft delivered one of the most hated press conferences of all time, detailing an anti-preowned policy for their new Xbox One console, an always online connectivity requirement and revealing the Kinect camera will have to remain on and active for you to play your games. Hell, you couldn't even lend your games to your buddies to play. Well, you could... but there were qualifying factors for them to achieve first...

What followed almost immediately can be accurately described as a monumental shitstorm of biblical proportions... and that's putting it lightly.

Microsoft were ridiculed by pretty much everyone. Competitors, namely Sony, grinned from ear to ear promoting each of their policies being the exact opposite to the Xbox One. Media outlets and the gameing press wrote damning articles left right and centre in disbelief at Microsoft's decision and struggled to find reason within. Fans and consumers became creative and started posting a variety of pop-culture memes and posters ridiculing the new Xbox One console.

And here we are, following an announcement last night that Microsoft has changed its mind on the proposed policies and U-Turned on its approach to preowned and always on connectivity. In a nutshell, you can now sell, trade and purchase preowned titles, as you can now. And, you won't require the console to be connected to the Internet to play.

Is it too little, too late for Microsoft? Or will their damage control implementation save them from a potential catastrophic console launch in November...?

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