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Amazing World by Damian Prestidge

posted on 13/03/2014

Our client Damian Prestidge got in touch looking for the ideal piece of music to provide the background track to his collection of clips filmed while travelling throughout several countries. The end product is a mesmorising short film featuring sumptious visuals showcasing his experiences in Ethiopia, Algeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Iceland and Sri Lanka.

If you're looking for music with a similar vibe, check out our World and Adventure collection.

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Royalty Free World Music

posted on 05/08/2014

We have a wide range of diverse, traditional and cultural inspired royalty free world music across several themes covering music from around the world taking in different flavours and styles, featuring a unique selection of instruments and music.

Royalty Free African Music

African music using traditional and authentic African instruments and styles frequently relying heavily on percussion instruments of every variety, including xylophones, drums, and tone-producing instruments.

Royalty Free Asian Music

An exotic mix of music and flavours from the whole of Asia including the Central and East Asia. Principal instrument types are two- or three-stringed lutes, the necks either fretted or fretless; fiddles made of horsehair; flutes, mostly open at both ends and either end-blown or side-blown; and jaw harps, mostly metal. Percussion instruments include frame drums, tambourines, and kettledrums. Instrumental polyphony is achieved primarily by lutes and fiddles.

Royalty Free Bollywood Music

Derided in Western film circles for the song-and-dance routine, Bollywood music, along with dance, are a characteristic motif of Hindi cinema which gives it enduring popular appeal, cultural value and context. Hindi film songs form a predominant component of Indian pop music, and derives its inspiration from both classical and modern sources. Hindi film songs are now firmly embedded in North India's popular culture and routinely encountered in North India in marketplaces, shops, during bus and train journeys and numerous other situations

Royalty Free European Music

A collection of music with a sound familiar to Europe that represents various distinct musical styles representing countries throughout Europe using traditional and authentic instruments. Unique flavours of France, Greece, Spain and more.

Royalty Free Indian Music

Our music of India includes multiple varieties of folk music, pop, and Indian classical music. India's classical music tradition, including Hindustani music and Carnatic, has a history spanning millennia and developed over several eras. Music of India is set apart with a diverse and unique selection of traditional instruments including: bansuri, harmonium, pakhawaj, rudra-vina, santur, sarangi, sarod, shehnai, surbahar, sitar, table and tanpura.

Royalty Free Middle Eastern Music

Middle eastern music spans across a vast region, from Morocco to Iran. Middle Eastern music influenced the music of Greece and India, as well as Central Asia, Spain, the Caucasus and the Balkans, as in Byzantine music and Chalga. Prominant Middle Eastern instrumentation includes: Strings, Percussion and Woodwind.

Most popular of the stringed instruments is the oud, a pear-shaped lute that traditionally had four strings, although current instruments have up to six courses consisting of one or two strings each.

Percussion instruments play a very important role in Middle Eastern music. The complex rhythms of this music are often played on many simple percussion instruments. The riq (a type of tambourine) and finger cymbals add a higher rhythmic line to rhythm laid down with sticks, clappers, and other drums.

A popular Woodwind instrument is the Moroccan oboe, also called the rhaita, wihch has a double-reed mouthpiece that echoes sound down its long and narrow body. Similar instruments are called zurnas (the Persian oboe) were used more for festivals and loud celebrations. A Turkish influence comes from the mey, which has a large double reed. Bamboo reed pipes are the most common background to belly dancing and music from Egypt. Flutes are also a common woodwind instrument in ensembles. A kaval is a three-part flute that is blown in one end, whereas the ney is a long cane flute, played by blowing across the sharp edge while pursing the lips.

Royalty Free Oriental Music

A mix of Chinese and Japanese inspired music blending authentic sounds and flavours of East Asia. Chinese musical instruments were traditionally classified into 8 categories known as bayin. The eight categories are: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and hide. Traditional Japanese instrumentation includes: Percussion, Strings and Woodwind.

Royalty Free South American Music

An exotic collection of South American inspired by traditional Brazilian and Peruvian music featuring pan pipes, flutes and percussion. Adventurous and vibrant music with a distinct South American flavour.

World and Adventure

An exciting collection of World music with a focus on excitement, adventure and travel. Blending elements of music tastes, styles and flavours from around the world to create a selection of music ideal for travel themed content.

Ethnic Voices

Traditional, authentic and tribal music featuring Ethnic chants and songs with a simple structure. Mystical, powerful and inspiring music.

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