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Custom Music Creation for Whitetail Properties

posted on 08/05/2012

We were commissioned by Whitetail Properties to produced a new soundtrack for their TV Show Intro.

About Whitetail Properties

Buying or selling hunting property or farm land is one of the most important financial transactions you can make. At Whitetail Properties, our goal is to treat each customer with the highest level of courtesy and respect to ensure they are satisfied with every detail of their land experience.

In order to accomplish this, we work with a select team of specialists whom we believe are the most skilled, honest, and hard-working recreational and agricultural land experts in the country. Working hard at something you love, with people you respect and trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life, and that's our formula for turning Dreams into Realities.

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Tags:whitetail properties sound design news soundtrack

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Sound In Movies - The Waterphone

posted on 28/04/2015

Music and sound can be created in a variety of ways using different instruments and objects to create wonderfully new and unique sounds. We all know the story of how Star Wars achieved the lightsaber sound using a microphone and speaker. But what about those eerie, otherworldly sounds we're familiar with in horror and Sci-Fi movies? Take a look at the video below that reveals, The Waterphone.

If you've seen movies such as Poltergeist, Alien, The Matrix, Star Trek and more, you'll instantly recognise distinct sounds made using this instrument.

A waterphone (also known as ocean harp or AquaSonic waterphone) is a type of inharmonic acoustic percussion instrument consisting of a stainless steel resonator bowl or pan with a cylindrical neck and bronze rods of different lengths and diameters around the rim of the bowl. The resonator may contain a small amount of water giving the waterphone a vibrant ethereal sound that has appeared in movie soundtracks, record albums, and live performances. The instrument was invented and developed by Richard Waters.

Several sizes and design variants of the instrument exist. It is generally played in a seated position by a soloist and either bowed or drummed, played as a friction or struck idiophone, with movements to affect the water inside. This combines the resonant characteristics of the bowl and rods in combination with the movement of the water. The sound of the waterphone is often used to evoke mystery and suspense. A superball mallet has become the prime way of drumming the waterphone.

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Tags:waterphone sound design sound in movies

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