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Client Work - Key Anchor

posted on 18/07/2017

We love to see our music being used in new projects, and this music track is the perfect fit for this new and innovative Kickstarter Campaign for the Key Anchor. Go check 'em out here.

Do you need music for your Kickstart Campaign video? Give us a shout for help and we'll find you the perfect music track for your project. Remember, you need to license music for use in Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding videos otherwise you risk your video being taken down. Find out more.

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Music for Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, Crowdfunder Projects

Music for Kickstarter Videos posted on 11/07/2014

Every Kickstarter project needs an opening video for those behind an idea to communicate their project to potential backers. It can be a simple talking head, proof of concept or a fully fledged campaign drive to show off just what the project is all about.

To accompany your Kickstarter video, you’ll need music. If you’re kicking off a new professional venture, the last thing you want is to run the risk of copyright infringement on commercial music. There’s a variety of ways to access music to use in your Kickstarter video.

Find free music online

There is music online available for free, but do you know where it came from and who owns the rights to this music? Unless you definitively know the supplier/source and clearance of the music your video could be flagged and removed at any time so it’s not worth the risk. Read more on why it’s a bad idea to source ‘free music’ here.

Use free music from the YouTube library

YouTube recently launched a limited, but free library of music to choose from for users to add music to their videos that won’t be flagged with copyright strikes. The condition of use is that adverts will be displayed alongside your content, and even before/during the video, which isn’t ideal if they’re potentially competitor products/services being promoted in front of your project.

What’s the best solution?

License Royalty Free Music is a royalty free production music library specializing in copyright free music licensing for use in Kickstarter and IndieGoGo videos. Our Standard License permits the use of any music track in our library for a fixed fee that lasts in perpetuity. This means you can put the music with your video on Kickstarter/IndieGoGo, and distribute it online across any video platform such as YouTube and Vimeo without the worry of copyright infringement, flags or advertising.

We have thousands of royalty free music tracks across a range of exciting categories and themes that will give your Kickstarter | IndieGoGo | Crowdfunder video the lift it needs to communicate your message to backers and supporters.

Each music track can be previewed and downloaded before purchase, and when you’ve decided on a music track, simply add to basket and checkout. You’ll receive a download email instantly after purchase.

Browse our royalty free music now!

We also offer personal music consultancy to help you find the perfect music for your Kickstarter/IndieGoGo video. We’ll hand pick selections and send you samples to review. Just let us know what you’re after.

We've also written several other articles to keep you informed and updated about music licensing to stay ahead of copyright issues:

If you found this article useful, please share it and pass on this info to others.

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Tags:kickstarter indiegogo music licensing

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Music Spotlight - LitleCane Kickstarter

posted on 23/01/2017

We LOVE the music used in the Kickstarter campaign video for LitleCane to highlight their new steadycam/stabliser for handheld cameras.

The music used is an incredibly positive and upbeat track with an uplifting feel good sound. We wanted to showcase OUR top 10 tracks that have the same sound and theme that may work for your next project. Check them our below or jump straight into our collection here.

We're ALWAYS here to help you find the perfect music track for your project so if you're after a particular sound, get in touch!

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Tags:music spotlight kickstarter

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SYNEK - The Revolution Reloaded

posted on 04/11/2015

Our music was recently used in a promo video produced by Synek for their revolutionary new 'at home' beer dispenser following their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. Great to see an innovative new product launch with such excitement and energy!

We provide music licensing for Kicktstarter and any crowd funding campaigns. For more info, click here.

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Tags:client work synek kickstarter

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