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Client Spotlight - Image Source - October 2011

posted on 31/10/2011

Following on from a trend in autumn marketing campaigns that had been identified by our in house visual research team, we looked to create a video that would showcase our images and motion clips with an aim to inspire our clients.

We trawled through numerous sites to find just the right song to fit our vision for the piece finding The Beat Suite, where they offered a much stronger portfolio than anything else we could find. We required a track that matched the high production qualities of our own product and that’s what we found. The track we selected in the end, perfectly complemented the aesthetic of the piece and reinforced the mood we wanted to convey, lifting the entire piece and giving it a real resonance.

Since then we haven’t looked back and continue to source our music at - Louis Sheppard,

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Tags:imagesource client spotlight news

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