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Free Instrumental Music

posted on 12/12/2013

While we don’t provide free instrumental music without charge, we do provide a huge selection of royalty free instrumental music for immediate download and license. This means you can grab any of our music tracks and pay a one-time, single license fee to use that with your project. Whether you need music for YouTube, or a corporate video project, you’ll find the right track from our royalty free instrumental music collection. Sample one of our favourite tracks below:

Royalty free instrumental music is important for projects such as YouTube videos, where you need legally cleared music for use online. If you’re producing online content to monetize via YouTube, you’ll need to license music that is royalty free, or copyright free. If you do not license copyright free instrumental music you may lose out on monetizing your content by:

  • The copyright holder of the music will receive the money from the ads placed alongside your content
  • YouTube may have an agreement with the copyright holder of the music you have used to prevent it being uploaded and you video could be removed with your account being banned.

It’s imperative you license copyright free music from to ensure you can exploit the content you have created, without restriction. Read more on related subjects, including:

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Royalty Free Instrumental Music – What, How and Why?

posted on 26/11/2013

Royalty Free Instrumental Music

A simple, cost effective and practical solution for adding background music to projects such as corporate videos or any video for YouTube without infringing on copyrighted music and confusing viewers with unrelated lyrics. Check out a simple video showcasing a hotel below using a relaxing royalty free instrumental music track:

Instrumental music is music without any singing or vocals. Some instrumental music can include short vocals that make up the structure and sound of the music, but instrumental music tracks generally don’t contain any singing. When working with video projects, editors often require background music to accompany the on-screen visuals. This background music will be relative to the content and theme of the video, but not intended to distract the viewer from the content and message.

So why not use an instrumental version of a popular chart track?

It’s understandable that some popular chart music would work very well for some projects but to legally use a commercial music track, whether with or without the vocals you have to pay the artist royalties to use their intellectual property, or IP. This can be very costly, involve a lot of paperwork and recurring fees each time the content is played.

Royalty free instrumental music from is designed to provide a cost effective, practical solution for those needing high quality music with quick and easy licensing. Users can browse over 5,000 music tracks and preview each one before purchase. We stock music across a wide range of genres from corporate music to feel good pop rock.

When you license music from you pay a single fee to download and use the music, and you can reuse again and again. Our standard license covers a huge range of uses, check out our license tool below:

royalty free instrumental music

We also provide licensing for thousands of royalty free sound effects to give your projects the edge. Just like our music, you can license sound effects royalty free to use in your content.

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