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Hollywood Voiceover Artist Hal Douglas Dies

posted on 14/03/2014

Iconic Hollywood voiceover artist Hal Douglas passed away last week aged 89. Douglas was famous for his deep gravely voice, providing the voiceover to blockbuster movie trailers including Forrest Gump, Men in Black, Con Air and Lethal Weapon to name a few and coined the famous lead ins; "In A World", "In A Land", "In A Time" giving the Hollywood sound and feel to any movie trailer.

Douglas made a famous on camera appearance in the trailer for the 2002 documentary "Comedian" by Jerry Seinfeld (above) where his reputation and iconic voice were the basis and theme for the trailer itself.

It would be impossible not to have heard is voice if you've ever visited a cinema. He was a credit to the industry and we would have loved to get a line alongside our movie trailer music.

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