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Franz Liszt and Lisztomania

posted on 17/05/2013

Despite selling a fair amount of records, The Beatles had a rather big effect on women, and by that I mean turn them absolutely bonkers coining the term ‘Beatlemania’. Women loved the British rock band leading them to shout, cry and faint at any live performance or public appearance. Michael Jackson would later come along and cause the same mass hysteria when he would theatrically enter on stage. In fact, come to think of it… every Jacko concert I’ve seen would feature women passed out and being carried away from the crowd.

However, in a time long before terrible haircuts and ridiculous black-to-white pop stars one Hungarian born classical music composer and performer had the ladies swooning to his gigs. Franz Liszt was regarded as ‘not your average pianist’ with this long hair and reputation as a player with the ladies. Liszt started out giving piano lessons to young women in Paris before his on stage performances took him further afield and into the public arena.

Liszt took the German city of Berlin by storm, with a flock of female fans fighting over a piece of him whether for a broken piano string, a handkerchief or even tearing away bits of his clothing and hair, Liszt could certainly be considered a rock star of his time.

It doesn’t stop being weird there. Women were even known to collect his used cigar butts and store them in their cleavage as well as carrying glass phials to store dregs of his coffee. Let’s see how Justin Bieber compares to that…

Women were so infatuated and sexually gagging for a piece of Liszt ass, it was even considered a medical condition. Which, if you know your words (or have access to Wiki) the term ‘Mania’ is described as the following: “… a state of abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal, and/or energy levels. In a sense, it is the opposite of depression.”

That’s right, Berlin was hit by Lisztomania. Rock on Franz you dark horse. Should you feel the urge to get down, we have a selection of Symphonies and Piano concertos in our Liszt Royalty Free Music collection.


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