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Disputing Copyright Content ID Claims

posted on 29/08/2014

YouTube and Vimeo both use an automated Content ID system to identify and claim copyright on behalf of its clients to ensure their music is not exploited, used without permission or monetized by others. This system is fair for commercial music artists and musicians to ensure people do not use their music without authorisation… when it works.

The ongoing problem with the Content ID system is false copyright claims, multiple claimants and the treatment of those accused of copyright infringement.

Many YouTubers, or professional content creators who use YouTube and Vimeo as their main outlet use royalty free music, stock music or copyright free music as an alternative to using commercial music.

By using this music, licensed from a production music library like, they can pay a one-time licensee fee to use the music in their content without incurring additional royalties, fees or infringe on any copyright.

Another important advantage of using royalty free music, copyright free music etc, is the right to monetize content on YouTube.

Licensing royalty free music is not free. Content creators pay a license fee or “sync fee” to use the music in their project to avoid copyright infringement, and the right to monetize their content via the Google Ad Revenue scheme.

So when third party claimants make a claim on their video claiming copyright infringement, it’s understandably frustrating when all necessary measures have been taken to avoid such issues. When a video receives a copyright strike, it can be muted, taken offline, or left unchanged but all Ad Revenue goes to the copyright claimant and not the creator.

What is the process for disputing a Content ID Copyright Claim?

If you have licensed the music from a production music library, as royalty free music or copyright free music etc and paid a license fee/sync fee then any such claim should be invalid and we recommend you dispute the claim via the YouTube or Vimeo process. However, this can take a long time due to the number of claims and disputes filed and the resources available to pursue each claim. We do recommend filing a dispute and contacting the library you licensed the music from for assistance.

You can also dispute a claim directly with the claimant. Some organisations make it difficult to access their contact information or relevant departments and prefer to leave it up to the YouTube dispute process. However, if you’ve licensed the music and have the right to use it on YouTube without hindrance then you have the right to contact them directly and request the claim be lifted. Here are contact details for known Copyright Content ID Claimants:


You can file a claim via their website here. You’ll receive a ticket confirming your request has been received. You can also try contacting:


AdShare don’t have a facility to contact them regarding a claim via their website. But you can contact Randy Williams, Head of Operations via or contact the main office at


Believe Digital also made it very hard to contact regarding copyright claims they had made on music used on content. Try contacting Elliot Tristam, Youtube Digital Rights Manager via There’s also a new, general contact for YouTube related inquiries:

Want to contact YouTube about Copyright directly? Here's the relevant contact info:

DMCA Complaints
YouTube (Google, Inc.)
901 Cherry Avenue
Second Floor
San Bruno, CA 94066
+1 650 214 6064

Here are some other useful related articles about YouTube including how to file a dispute and further advice on how to avoid copyright claims:

Further questions or queries? Have you received a copyright content ID claim on music you've licensed from our library? Contact us for more information and immediate assistance.

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