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Client Work - The Secret Library Podcast

posted on 01/03/2017

Another popular use for our music is background music for Podcasts. Our wide range of music choice offers the perfect soundtrack to any Podcast theme, as well as Stings and Idents for intros and outros too.

Our client Caroline Donahue is an expert with books and literature. In fact, she's also known as The Book Doctor. Caroline has implemented our music as the intro and outro to each of her episodes in the Podcast, The Secret Library. Check it out on iTunes.

Many of our music tracks are accompanied by shorter durational edits, loops and stings making each track extremely versatile. So if you love a track but only need 5 seconds, an Ident is the perfect solution to create a beginning and ending to your audio content.

Do you need music for a Podcast? Not sure where to start? Give us a shout and we'll help you find the perfect background music track.

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