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Client Spotlight - The Creative Federation - February 2012

posted on 10/02/2012

UK advertising agency; The Creative Federation specialise in creating funky animations and bringing them to life with a creative story and catchy music track. That's where we come in and Mark Humphries would agree:

"Music is such a vital component in whatever we do. We discovered last year and is our go-to site for music - loads of genres to choose from and fantastic value. The Creative Federation loves Beatsuite and especially this track called 'Breezey' - great tempo and everyone who hears it wants to know where we got it. So they watch our reel again and again!"

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About The Creative Federation

The Creative Federation is a one-stop shop for ideas and the production of still and moving image. We’re a team of individuals from a wide range of creative disciplines, working under one roof.

We’re writers, art directors, film makers, animators, illustrators, digital and graphic designers. Our aim is always to be original and to make things with craft.

Our commissions vary widely from virals, commercials and short films for online, internal comms and broadcast.

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