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Boomstick Award Winner Announced

posted on 29/10/2013
boomstick film festival winner

Congratulations to Jacob De la Rosa, who is the winner of this year's BOOMSTICK AWARD! via the Thriller! Chiller! film festival.

The Boomstick! Award! has quickly become Michigan’s most unique and sought after accolade on the regional film festival circuit. Presented by Thriller! Chiller! in Grand Rapids the Boomstick! is awarded to the Best Michigan Movie! This award takes into account a many factors including the fortitude necessary to create the movie despite the challenges which should have prevented it from being made in the first place. Check out the sweet trailer for his award winning Indie film below:

He'll be getting a nifty selection of music tracks from our library absolutely free for his efforts as part of our support for Indie Filmmakers. Well done Jacob!

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