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Audio Logos

posted on 01/10/2013

We've created a unique selection of Audio Logos to accompany our ever expanding collection of royalty free music. To use alongside music in your projects, we have designed a range of high quality audio logos to boost the sound and image of your projects.

What are Audio Logos

Audio Logos, also known as Audio Idents and Music Stings are short bursts of music typically used as either an intro or an outro to a piece of footage/audio. They can be also be used as chapter breaks to signify a change of chapter, topic or section of projects.

One hugely common use of Audio Logos is an introduction to Podcasts. A short burst of music following by an introduction to the Podcast episode that can be used on each episode to help 'brand' the Podcast. Read more on Audio Branding here.

We provide Audio Logos as packs or individual products across the following categories:

Many of our music tracks are accompanied by an Audio Logo, Ident or Sting as part of their product pack, free of charge. If there's a particular music track you like that does not have an Audio Logo, contact us and we'll make one for you.

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