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Preview Playback and Browser Compatibility

posted on 01/12/2016

Some users are reporting issues when trying to playback previews on a product page when using the Safari browser on a Mac OS. This bug relates to playback on product pages only, and does not affect the playback of previews on the catalogue page.

The reason for this issue is most likely an out of date version of Flash for Safari, and the browser disabling the Flash plugin by default unless it's up to date. You can enable Flash in Safari which will prompt an update. Follow the steps below to enable Flash for

While on, open the Safari Security Settings, and select "Plugin Settings" shown below:

Under 'Adobe Flash Player' ensure the Domain is selected and you select 'ON'. This will enable Flash on irrespective of your Flash version. See below:

This will enable Flash for our website and ensure compatibility. It will also prompt you to update your version of Flash to ensure you have the most secure and up to date version of the Plugin.

If you still experience issues, please contact us for further help.

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