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Vimeo Copyright ID Match

Vimeo Copyright ID Match
posted on 28/05/2014

Vimeo has adopted a Copyright ID Match similar to YouTube for matching copyrighted music and video in your content.

Vimeo undoubtedly attracted many content producers based on its high quality video encoding and no hassle approach to publishing content, which is great. It also focused on self-produced content and strongly steered users away from uploading content from TV shows, movies and games.

This led Vimeo to become a professional platform for content producers to publish high quality video and audio. In maintaining these standards, Vimeo has introduced a Copyright ID Match that has, in their words: “been lovingly crafted to flag videos that may infringe the copyrights of others before they (the videos) appear on Vimeo.”

How Will This Effect You

As a content producer, you need to ensure you have the rights to include any music or video featured in your content. Music can be acquired in a variety of ways, most common is either expressed permission from the musician/artist, or licensed as copyright free music from a royalty free music library like

With the introduction of the Copyright ID Match, content producers may find their content being flagged by Vimeo’s automated system, in a similar style to YouTube, causing frustration, complication and lengthy appeal processes. The Copyright ID Match is in place to substitute the Vimeo team having to review each and every video individually to see if permission or license was granted to use the music/video in question.

YouTube content producers will know firsthand, the difficulties involved in submitting an appeal against their content to remove flags and get their content cleared. Vimeo has promised a “robust and friendly appeal process: so that members have an opportunity to explain why their use of a copyrighted work isn’t infringing.”

How to Ensure Your Content is Cleared

Vimeo outlines how you can appeal the Copyright ID Match here, but you need to make sure you’ve used cleared music to start with. When licensing royalty free music, or copyright free music from, you receive a license agreement that can be submitted in any Copyright ID claim/appeal. This document, along with your license receipt outlines your license to use the music track in question.

As a royalty free music library, we are not enrolled in any partnership scheme with content networks to claim copyright on music used in content published to YouTube or Vimeo. Therefore, any music track you license is fully cleared for use online via any online platform.

Music provided ‘free’ or for next to nothing from other online music libraries may be enrolled in such schemes online to gain additional revenue from advertising partnerships etc. Check out related articles on free music and more below:

Royalty free music licensed from is highly unlikely to receive any Copyright ID Matches, and in the event of any track being flagged in your content, you have all necessary documentation in your account to appeal and have it removed.

For those using music provided by artists/musicians with permission to use, it’s always good practice to get something in writing specifically stating the song and granted permission for you to use it. If the content is flagged, you can easily submit this information. Vimeo provides more information on how to get correct documentation for permission-use music here.

What about Private Videos on Vimeo

It’s good to see Vimeo understands their users, and accepts many professionals host videos in production to demo to clients before approval or licensing of music has been finalised. So at this time, the Copyright ID Match does not apply to private videos on your account for Pro and Plus holders.

In Summary

If you’re not licensing music that is cleared such as royalty free or copyright free production music then it’s going to get a little sticky for you. If you’re correctly licensing music, or have permission to use a track you may run into a flag from time to time depending on the content you’re using. But, if you obtain the necessary documentation (as provided with all music from our library) then you shouldn’t encounter any long-term issues, and appeal processes should be relatively painless.

Further info on music licensing for online videos can be found in our article; “10 Myths and Misconceptions about using music in YouTube videos” which tells you everything you need to know about using music in your content and applies to videos published on any platform.

Have a query on licensing music? Get in touch; we’re happy to provide further info. Tweet us, or join us on Facebook.

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