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Following a trend to rebel against the trend

posted on 16/10/2014

When a brand hits a successful strategy that works, competitors can either produce a better campaign, or simply go with what seems to work in the current market. But sometimes, subtle parodies of successful competitor campaigns can attract an even bigger following, igniting a storm throughout social networks with users sharing and laughing at your parody, while at the same time massively promoting your brand. All on the back of an original, innovative new campaign.

Apple have made their mark on advertising with their distinctive ads and the continued surge of popularity for their brand and products has left competitors somewhat left behind. Here's a few of our favourite parody ads that pay homage to Apple's new approach:

Somersby Cider

Ikea Catalogue


It's not just the television commercials that have absorbed the Apple appeal. Many of our clients ask us for "Apple-style" music for use in their projects. Well, we delivered. Check out our Minimix of Apple inspired tunes:

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