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Royalty Free Background Music - What, Why and How?

posted on 25/11/2013

Royalty Free Background Music

Most visual media will make use of music to accompany visuals on screen, whether it be a training video shown to staff, or a corporate video online to educate and inform customers about a business. When using music in any professional project, it’s important to license music legally and make sure it is cleared for use.

Royalty Free Background Music is ideal for licensing cost effective, affordable music to use in any professional project. Royalty free music libraries like provide a standard license to use any music track in a variety of projects. See what our standard license covers below:

royalty free background music

Our standard license covers the majority of media projects outside of advertising, broadcast and mass production. Using our online license tool, you can quickly check what’s covered and if you need an extended license, you can apply this to your project.

Why do you need license royalty free background music?

While you may want to use the latest commercial music hit, or top of the charts music track you cannot legally use someone else’s music in your project without paying either a sync fee or royalties to the artist or composer. Commercial music is only made available to you to listen to for personal use.

This is why provides Royalty Free Background Music, as we’ve produced music specifically for use as background music in your professional projects that is exempt of royalties. You pay a single fee to license music to use and you can use it again and again as background music in any of your projects including royalty free music for YouTube.

Why not try our ambient royalty free background music or corporate background music.

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