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The Official Blog from | 2013

Fenchel and Janisch Showreel

posted on 19/12/2013

Earlier this year we partnered with filmmakers and industry experts Fenchel and Janisch to provide complimentary music to use in their hardware reviews and tutorials. Watch their showreel below showcasing what they've been up to during the last year featuring our epic new music track: High Drama.

Tags:fenchel and janisch

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New Royalty Free Christmas Music and Christmas Production Music Added

posted on 17/12/2013

It's the last week before Christmas and corporate Christmas projects are flying out the door thick and fast! If you haven't found your ideal christmas track you might want to check out our recommended royalty free christmas music collection for the latest and greatest christmas music available from our library. Sample our favourite tracks in the playlist below or jump straight into the category!

Any Christmas production music track can be licensed and downloaded instantly, and we offer free downloadable previews of all tracks to try before you buy!

Do you have any particular Christmas music you'd like to hear? Do you produce your own music? Join us in our SoundCloud Group to add and share Christmas music.

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Tags:christmas music new music

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Music Category Updates and Changes

posted on 16/12/2013

We're always updating our music collections and categories to make sure it's quick and easy for you to find the right music. Sometimes that means creating additional, more specific categories to separate music and sometimes we decide to phase out extraneous collections, remove dated music and streamline content so you can preview it quicker and easier.

Recently we merged our Dance Moves and Extreme Workout collections into one, bigger, better category: Fitness and Workout which represents exactly what is says on the tin... whether it's dance based or workout based.

Today we've implemented a similar category shift, by merging our extreme rock and metal music into one hot new action music collection: Extreme Rock/Metal. All heavy guitar based, high energy action music. Check it out here.

If you have any feedback, concerns or queries about where to find music, or you've lost your place, just give us a shout.

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Tags:new music music management music release

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New Workout and Fitness Music Collection Now Available

posted on 13/12/2013

We've been hard at work to refresh and optimise our music categories making it easier and quicker for you to access the music you want. Sometimes certain collections don't quite hit the mark we wanted, so we take a hammer and get smashing! Over the last week, we've updated and refreshed several categories, and created new collections of music around more specific themes. And thus, our Fitness and Workout Music collection was born!

This new music category is packed with hard hitting, high energy, uptempo dance and trance tracks perfect for any exercise regime, workout class or general fitness music playlist. Sample in the playlist above or jump straight to the category.

By licensing our fitness and workout music, you're legally covered to play this to the public as part of your exercise and fitness classes, or if you're producing videos for YouTube and need some background music.

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Tags:new music fitness and workout

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Free Instrumental Music

posted on 12/12/2013

While we don’t provide free instrumental music without charge, we do provide a huge selection of royalty free instrumental music for immediate download and license. This means you can grab any of our music tracks and pay a one-time, single license fee to use that with your project. Whether you need music for YouTube, or a corporate video project, you’ll find the right track from our royalty free instrumental music collection. Sample one of our favourite tracks below:

Royalty free instrumental music is important for projects such as YouTube videos, where you need legally cleared music for use online. If you’re producing online content to monetize via YouTube, you’ll need to license music that is royalty free, or copyright free. If you do not license copyright free instrumental music you may lose out on monetizing your content by:

  • The copyright holder of the music will receive the money from the ads placed alongside your content
  • YouTube may have an agreement with the copyright holder of the music you have used to prevent it being uploaded and you video could be removed with your account being banned.

It’s imperative you license copyright free music from to ensure you can exploit the content you have created, without restriction. Read more on related subjects, including:

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Tags:free instrumental music music for youtube copyright

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Listen Out For Benny on North East Radio

posted on 12/12/2013

We love to work with local clients and provide our top notch recording studio facilities for use in their projects. Earlier this week, we welcomed Benny of Benny's Pomodoro to record a series of radio ads to promote his healthy food takeaway.

Benny's Pomodoro at The Beat Suite Recording Studio Newcastle

Benny's a natural on the mic and in the studio, and should he fancy a change in career there be a future in the rap industry lined up for him.

The session was an ISDN link up with our friends at Aerial Studios. This meant that Benny didn't have to travel all the way to Wrexham to record his voiceover lines. By utilising our ISDN voiceover facility, Benny could drop into our recording studio, link up via the high quality line, say his lines and be back in time for lunch. Why travel up and down the country when you can record and direct sessions remotely via ISDN link up.

Benny's Pomodoro at The Beat Suite

Benny's Pomodoro specializes in healthy take away food. Which is a great change from the usual food on offer in the South Shields area! Whether you're after pizza, pasta, wraps or a healthy brown rice dish, Benny will sort you out.

Posted by

Tags:recording studio bennys pomodoro isdn voiceover guests

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New Action and Energy Music Tracks

posted on 11/12/2013

One of our oldest and most popular music collections has just been refreshed with a spanking new set of tracks. Our royalty free action music category has been updated with a selection of new music tracks adding to its theme of energetic, high octane, fast paced music to inject that little bit extra dynamite into your productions.

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Tags:new music

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Why we love Rode and the Lavalier Mic

posted on 09/12/2013

Firstly, I don't think we have ever written a review about a sound/audio product before but we were so impressed with this product we thought we would share the glee. We often get asked to do live audio recordings. Most of the time this involves recording at a live event - such as a business conference or seminar. The problem is, live audio recording can be a nightmare because you never have any control over the venue or environment.

Usually, we turn up with a laptop, audio interface and a mic/stand. You can get great sound but setting this up in a confined space can be a pain and I'm always worried about software crashes ruining the recording which means we usually need a back up too, adding to the amount of gear and hassle.

When we saw the new Rode Lavalier microphone we were blown away by the quality of the recordings, mostly viewed/heard on YouTube review videos, so we ordered one. Next day we get one in the post. We did have to purchase an extra 3.5mm mini-jack connector as the cable attachments are modular (Rode MICON system) but allow for a great deal of flexibility.

So we used it last Monday night at a local Cafe Culture event at Gingers Cafe in Newcastle.

The mic was plugged directly into the Tascam DR-07 digital recorder headphone port. We then simply clipped the microphone onto the scarf of our guest speaker, about 8 inches from her mouth and set it pointing it downwards. We then got a basic sound level and set the Tascam recorder to ‘Limiter’ to avoid any clipping or distortion. With the long recording times of the Tascam (loaded with 16gb SD card) we simply set the recorder away

Once captured the audio was imported into Cubase for a little post production. Gentle compression kept the peaks under control whilst a little equalisation helped breathe a little more life into the recording. That was it. What we got was a good solid level from the guest speaker and a nice sounding recording.

We are very pleased with the clean, crisp sound and solid recording levels, the Lavalier worked perfectly for this type of use and the background noise was minimal, although in this case it does add to the atmosphere of the guest speaker. The quality of the voice is clear, concise and punchy.


  • Great price
  • Super sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Great shockproof carry case
  • Versatility - Modular cable connections allow for XLR, Mini-jack (3.5mm) and Wireless fittiings


  • The foam pop shield came apart on opening, we glued it back on only for it to fall off sometime during the event, easily fixed with some earphone foam.
  • Have to purchase MICON cable connectors separately


If you are looking for a simple way of recording a guest speaker without the expensive wireless systems or cumbersome laptop/mic/stand set-ups then look no further. A simple, compact and convenient way of recording high quality audio and getting great sounding results.

Listen to the recording below:

The Rode Lavalier microphone was used to record the speaker in this recording, from 0.25 onwards.

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Royalty Free Instrumental Music – What, How and Why?

posted on 26/11/2013

Royalty Free Instrumental Music

A simple, cost effective and practical solution for adding background music to projects such as corporate videos or any video for YouTube without infringing on copyrighted music and confusing viewers with unrelated lyrics. Check out a simple video showcasing a hotel below using a relaxing royalty free instrumental music track:

Instrumental music is music without any singing or vocals. Some instrumental music can include short vocals that make up the structure and sound of the music, but instrumental music tracks generally don’t contain any singing. When working with video projects, editors often require background music to accompany the on-screen visuals. This background music will be relative to the content and theme of the video, but not intended to distract the viewer from the content and message.

So why not use an instrumental version of a popular chart track?

It’s understandable that some popular chart music would work very well for some projects but to legally use a commercial music track, whether with or without the vocals you have to pay the artist royalties to use their intellectual property, or IP. This can be very costly, involve a lot of paperwork and recurring fees each time the content is played.

Royalty free instrumental music from is designed to provide a cost effective, practical solution for those needing high quality music with quick and easy licensing. Users can browse over 5,000 music tracks and preview each one before purchase. We stock music across a wide range of genres from corporate music to feel good pop rock.

When you license music from you pay a single fee to download and use the music, and you can reuse again and again. Our standard license covers a huge range of uses, check out our license tool below:

royalty free instrumental music

We also provide licensing for thousands of royalty free sound effects to give your projects the edge. Just like our music, you can license sound effects royalty free to use in your content.

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Tags:music licensing royalty free instrumental music copyright

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Royalty Free Music For YouTube - What, Why and How?

posted on 25/11/2013

Royalty Free Music For YouTube

Everyone is making video content for YouTube, whether it’s personal content featuring friends and family, or professional brands and companies promoting their products and services online. YouTube provides an incredibly easy platform to instantly share your video content with the world. With easy access to video editing software such as iMovie, anyone can create a video, add titles and music and upload for the world to see.

Whether a personal video, or professional video if you’re going to include background music you need to ensure you license it legally. Find out more about royalty free background music here.

Royalty free music for YouTube is a quick, simple and cost-effective solution to licensing legally cleared music for use in your content. You can’t use someone else’s music in your video unless you either pay royalties, a sync fee or you accept third party copyright is owned by someone else and you content can be subject to adverts being placed alongside your video.

This may not matter if it’s a video of friends having fun but if you’re a professional company, with a brand and reputation you don’t want third party adverts promoting potentially competitive products alongside your own product videos.

Why is royalty free music for YouTube important?

You need to license legally cleared music for use in your YouTube videos to avoid:

  • Copyright infringement and removal of your content
  • Paying royalties to artists and sync fees to distributors
  • Being sued by copyright holders
  • Being banned from YouTube
  • Unable to monetize your content
  • Accepting third party adverts placed before, during and alongside your videos

Put simply, unless you have created the music yourself, you don’t have the right to use it for anything other than personal listening. That’s why has royalty free music for YouTube that is affordable and easy to access. We have over 5,000 unique music tracks available for immediate download.

Start off by sampling our corporate music or uplifting background music or jump into our latest music releases. See an example of our music used in a YouTube video.

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Tags:youtube royalty free music for youtube music licensing copyright

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