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  • Fully Soundproofed Vocal Booth
  • Acoustic Treated Listening Room
  • ISDN Recording Facility
  • Audio Engineer Assisted Session

Custom Audio Production and Sound Recording Services

Set in a secure, soundproofed and acoustically treated environment, The Beat Suite's audio production facility offers you experienced staff, quality equipment, tested techniques and a portfolio that has delivered great results for our clients

Voice Over Recording and Production

Visit our Recording Studio which is just 2 minutes from Central Station in Newcastle. Pop into our sound booth for crystal clear recordings and fast editing. Whether you want Voice Recordings for Audio Books, Websites, Interactive Multimedia, Computer Games, TV or Radio, The Beat Suite is the place to do it.

Custom Sound a like audio production

Relax in our breakout areas where you can enjoy comfy couches, wireless Internet and fabulous coffee, we may even break out the biscuit tin!

Podcast Production

Our sister company Podcast Digital specialises in Podcast Production and offers a full service for video and audio podcast production and marketing. We have over 5 years experience of delivering audio books, audio tours and podcast productions for many clients including Cobra Beer, Abbott Diabetes and a string of Museums and visitor centres across the North East

Bespoke Music Production

If you require a 'soundalike' of a certain song or track or simply have a specific brief for your music score then look no further. With an international Music Production Team of over 50 music composers and production teams we have the right solution for you. From piano scores to banging house music we can create the ultimate soundtrack for your project. See an example of recent work.

Bepoke Music Production

Music Cut Downs/Edits and Synchronisation

Sometimes timing can be everything - If you need your music to fit perfectly to your picture or animation then look no further. We can edit tracks to fit your production bang on. We can easily cut down or re-edit music tracks so that they flow with the momentum, emotion and structure of your production. Syncing Music to Picture is a synch with The Beat Suite

Audio Branding

Audio Branding can be an effective part of the marketing mix and overall brand of your business or product. To find out more about Audio Branding read the article. With an experienced and knowledgeable team we can help you to achieve an Audio Brand that will compliment your business.

By using music themes, audio idents, audio logos and voice messaging we can help you to help your business and your customers.

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We look forward to discussing any audio related query and welcome your call:

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