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Using Stings, Idents and Effects in Podcasts


If you're trying to give your Podcast that extra bit of flair, personality and professionalism, extra content such as Audio Logos, Idents and stings could be just what you're looking for.

If you listen to any of the top podcasts, you will likely find they have a definitive brand identity. Most will have Idents or jingles at the beginning and end to let the listener know what they're listening to. Idents consist of a short piece of music, usually teamed with voice-over or effects to identify the podcast. These help to make your podcast sound professional and also build up familiarity with your listeners. Idents are either written specifically for a production, or purchased as stock music from libraries such as Music Library

Stings are another weapon in your sonic arsenal that can elevate your podcast above the rest. You will probably find that when you are putting together your podcast, it will often be naturally broken up into different sections. A gaming podcast may have a separate section for reviews, news and listener's questions for example. A good way to bookend these sections is with stings, this tells your listener that one section has finished and another has begun. Radio stations worldwide use this technique when introducing anything from traffic reports to chart countdowns. They help make your podcast flow naturally and gel together in a more organic fashion.

For that extra bit of polish, spot effects can be employed to add the finishing touches to your production. If used judiciously, they can inject a sense of realism into a narrative, set the mood of a particular section or simply let your listeners know you just dropped a massive tune!

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